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For more specific information on services and pricing, see Creative Services page.

Capture memories

Photography is one of the best investments you can make, whether to capture the simple passage of time or to document a once in a lifetime event. While we can't turn back time, a well curated set of images can help you to preserve a moment to look back upon and cherish. Contact me at if you'd like to book a portrait session or capture an event. 

invest in art


Art can completely transform a space, and illicit powerful meaning and memories. If you have a room that needs sprucing up, or are looking for a unique and meaningful gift, investing in a piece of artwork might be the way to go! Contact me at if you're interested in an existing piece, would like to purchase a print, or want to commission a custom painting. Many of the pieces in the painting section of this site can be purchased, and I would be happy to send you more information on pricing and availability. Commissions are taken on a regular, rolling, basis, and can range from watercolors and pen illustrations of houses and pets to large landscapes or abstract pieces (UVA Rotundas are a popular custom request too!).

Shop on Etsy

Readymade greeting cards and select art prints are available in
my Etsy shop. For custom work or larger works of art, contact me directly
for more information. 

Brick and Mortar

You can find some of my smaller works and readymade paper goods stocked in a few shops locally. Check out Darling Boutique, Bluebird & Co., James Monroe's Highlands, and Feast! in Charlottesville for cards and paper goods.

Other Creative Services

Other services in my wheelhouse include website design, custom stationery and packaging design, mural painting, small batch pottery, and floral design. Contact me directly for more information on these or other forms of collaboration.

gift Cards!

Looking to gift someone a custom piece of artwork, a photoshoot, or just want them to pick out their own readymade piece? You can get a digital gift card here, and contact me if you'd like a physical card to send along to the recipient instead of or in addition to the email option. 

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