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A native of Blacksburg, VA that now calls Charlottesville home, Brittany is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, where she studied Studio Art, Art History, and Arts Administration, in addition to completing a Masters in Education.

Having a love of all things creative, her practices include painting, photography, illustration, hand lettering, ceramics, floral design, and last but certainly not least, her pursuit of graphic design as a full-time member of the Journey Group team in downtown Charlottesville. Brittany finds inspiration in the natural world and in the themes of hope, renewal, and human connection. When she's not creating art, she's often found wandering to places near and far, frolicking through nature, gathering people over food, completing crazy house projects, thrifting her way across town, or befriending small children and furry animals. She currently serves as the chair for the board of New City Arts Initiative, and is involved with several other non-profits in the Charlottesville area.



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